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Education for Childbirth and Parenthood

Education for Childbirth and ParenthoodIn 1980 Liz Perkins wrote her first book, Education for Childbirth and Parenthood.  For some years she had been working with the Leverhulme Health Education Project at Nottingham University and researching an issue so important to many women’s lives, and the material she collected justified a book.  At this time plenty of people talked about the importance of parenthood education, but very few health professionals were well trained to offer it.  It was tactily assumed that if professionals had information or practical skills, they could easily teach what they knew.  But education is more complex than this, and adult education in particular needs to build on what potential learners already know, feel and believe – which means health professionals need to know how to explore and listen, not just talk.

Because parenthood education was felt to be a simple matter, no-one had previously bothered to research it seriously, and training for practitioners was woefully limited. Inadequate educational practice was the inevitable result.  Education for Childbirth and Parenthood was a pioneering work which raised educational issues in this important context, and sparked local and national interest in asking more questions and improving practice. The publishers, Routledge, recognising its enduring value, have chosen to reissue it as part of the Routledge Revivals series, a programme intended to return ‘distinguished, but currently unavailable, works back into print’.

Below is a content listing for the book:

  1. Parents, Prospective Parents, and Health Professionals
  2. The Labour Ward as an Educational Setting
  3. Teaching about Labour: The Contribution of Antenatal Classes
  4. Clinic Booklets: Help of Hindrance in Prent Education?
  5. Parentcraft: Continuity and Change
  6. Responding to Groups: Towards Better Antenatal Teaching
  7. The Possibilties of  Teaching in the health  Service Interview: the  Problematic Case of the Child  Health Clinic Doctor
  8. Planning for Progress in Patient Education

You can read more and buy the book on the Routledge website.