Growing in Wisdom

autumn-treesMidlife and Menopause used to provide three kinds of support to menopausal women:

  • an extensive web-site
  • a series of workshops
  • two books published through the project

When I turned 60 I realised I wanted to move on from a focus on menopause, and stopped organising workshops, but continued to sell books and kept the web-site running though without updating. Web-sites do need servicing, however, and the content included much that was time sensitive and therefore progressively became out of date. I have therefore decided to simplify further and just keep selling the books, which focus on issues for women which do not date.

Journeys through MenopauseJourneys Through Menopause, an edited book including lots of different women’s experiences of this important transition

exploringExploring new Paths, which focusses on the creative possibilities available to women as they move through midlife